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How To Install A WordPress Theme

Learning how to installing a WordPress theme is luckily very simple. Here are the steps to installing one.

Get A Hosting Account With WordPress Running On It

First you need to get a hosting account on a server. These days, getting a hosting account is very cheap. Sites such as Godaddy.com will do that for you for about $4.00 a month. After you have all that set up, you get them to set up your IP address with WordPress. This can be accomplished very easily, and will get you up and running.

Just about every website host offers free WordPress set up these days, and since WordPress itself is free, you should not have to pay for it.

After The Set Up

After WordPress is set up to run on a specific website of yours, you can go the WordPress Admin Control Panel by logging into the website as the admin. Once there, you’ll have access to all of the editors of the page (it will be set up to have a default WordPress theme), the colors, the content, the widgets, and everything else.

Getting A Good WordPress Theme

The default WordPress theme is just there to fill space until you put in a better theme in generally. WordPress is built so that you can take a new “theme” which is really the sites look and feel – and apply it to your site easily. Another way to describe it is that you are “re-skinning” your site.

When you apply a new theme you are changing the colors, page layouts, fonts, images and everything that goes into the look and feel or design of the site.

A professional WordPress theme has all the colors chosen, the layout all done, and is very easy to use with little or no web development experience. That being said, all of the things on the WordPress theme can be changed in the editor area, but that requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP. But don’t worry, because you shouldn’t need to use that though.

Where To Get A Good WordPress Theme

There are sites all around the internet which offer pre-made WordPress themes, so that you don’t have to pay a designer to do it for you, which can cost a lot of money. You can get free ones on the WordPress websites in the Free Themes Directory. Unfortunately, these themes aren’t very good, so people tend to use sites such as Templatemonster.com, which sell very nice WordPress themes for about $65-$100.

Installing the WordPress theme

Now that you have your WordPress admin area all set up, and your theme purchased, you’re ready to go though the fairly simple and user-friendly installation process.

First, on the admin page sidebar, there is an area called “Appearance”, and under that, there is an area called “themes”. Simply click on the themes button, and then click on “Install Themes” which is at the top of the page.

Second, on the menu that it gives you, click on “upload”, then click where it says “search”. Once you’ve found it, choose it, and click “install now”

Lastly, It should install then, and click “activate”, and then it should become your websites new WordPress theme! You can now edit it, using the tools on the sidebar menu.

Good luck and have fun – your new WordPress theme should now be installed and ready for you to use.